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Meteo and temperature sensors

PMM-5010 meteostation: built-in atmospheric pressure sensor, external temperature, humidity and Wind Speed/Direction sensors. Temterature range: -40C~+100C. Up to 30 meters of interface cable. WSD outputs: analog/freq/RS-232/RS-485. Display on the frontal panel, web-interface and TCP/IP connectivity with PROFITTs logo-generators and PDMX-2106 master switcher. Power over Ethernet (PoE).

  • PMM-5010

Meteostation (Ethernet interface)

Wind speed and direction sensor for meteostation PMM-5010

1U rack mounting ramp (for PMM-5010)


Time & frequency reference system

Network Time Protocol server PNTP-5021 is a network frequency-time synchronization equipment and it can be used as Stratum 1 source.

Time & frequency reference system

GPS antenna kit (marine type with 15 meters cable)

  • PAN-GAM-40 (50),
    PAN-GAM-60 (70,80)

GPS/GLONASS antenna kit (with amplifier and 40~80 meters cable, in 10-meter increments)

  • PDIS-5214

1 PPS 100 Hz 1x4 pulse signals distribution amplifier


GPS-driven time sources, LTC/VITC generators

GPS signal reception, processing and distribution of time/date information: as LTC (four XLR connectors), as VITC/PALblackburst (two BNC outputs), as VITC/SDIblackfield (DVITC and LTC/VITC as an auxiliary data, two BNC outputs). RS485/Ethernet connectivity supported. Presettable timezone. User-accessible GPS status information. Time/data and temperature (if PTC-095 is fitted in) information display on the frontal panel. Battery-powered timekeeping. Up to 110-6 accuracy of the free-run timekeeping. Three operation modes: GPS-driven, video REF (PAL/SECAM) driven, free-run.

  • P-4096

GPS-driven time source and indication panel with LTC/VITC/Ethernet/RS-232/RS-485 interfaces (magnetic antenna on a 10 meter cable)

GPS/GLONASS antenna kit (w/o amplifier, with 15~40 meters cable, in 5-meter increments)


GPS/GLONASS antenna kit (with amplifier and 40~80 meters cable, in 10-meter increments)


Timecode generators LTC, RS-422

Free-run or external LTC/REF-video driven mode. Up to 110-6 accuracy in free-run mode. Two balanced, four BNC LTC outputs. Sony-compatible RS-422 timecode output format, eight outputs. NMEA-compatible RS-232 input for GPS receiver. Built-in NTP server. Data display on the frontal panel.

  • PRPC-4099

Timecode generator


Timecode inserters

Timecode inserters provide an OSD overlay for PAL/SECAM video signal. Free-run or extrnally-driven modes: LTC or VITC in a reference video signal. Remote programmable (via Ethernet) OSD position, symbol colors.

  • PIC-4100

Timecode inserter




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