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Matrix switchers


3G/HD/SD SDI/DVB-ASI/analog video, AES/analog audio




“PROFITT” Ltd produces a wide range of analog and digital switchers for video- and audio-signals, covering all possible customer's demands. Our switchers are comprised of two cascaded stages: a MxN matrix and a Mx1 monitor selector with independent controls. It is possible to monitor any of matrix's output signal. The global REF synchro input is provided. All switching events are timed to the VBI interval. Devices are controlable s from a Ethernet.


  • "audio follows video" or independent audio- and video- routing
  • analog and digital signal switchers in one rack
  • separate layer for outputs monitoring
  • RP168 SMPTE compliant signal switching point
  • non-volatile memory of the operating state
  • high CMRR and overvoltage protection
  • optional redundant management CPU module
  • optional redudndant PSU module
  • proprietary software package for remote controls and management


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