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PROFNEXT modular system


PROFNEXT modular system 1U and 3U racks. PROFNEXT 1U rack has four slots for functional modules, 3U rack has sixteen slots. Each rack features a built-in CPU module for remote monitoring and management. Each PROFNEXT functional module is monitored/managed from a rack frontal panel, from a web-page


Rack dimensions:

  • 1U 483mm*414mm*44mm

  • 3U 483mm*414mm*133mm

Racks for PROFNEXT modules

  • 1U PROFNEXT rack PNT-1U

  • 3U PROFNEXT rack PNT-3U

  • redundant PSU for 1U rack PMX-106 (optional)

  • redundant PSU for 3U rack PMX-107 (optional)

Software packages

  • software package for remote management and monitoring (MS Windows) Proflex3.xx



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